Halloween Happenings

Halloween in Inkysticks Land

Ah, Halloween.  The first of the cold month holidays that spark nostalgic childhood memories of combing the neighborhood asking for tricks or treat, getting enough candy that it would last a year (mom controlled consumption so we wouldn’t drive her crazy I think), and spending fun time out in the cold with my friends.


Rooibos Tea, Halloween 2012

I’m not young enough to go traipsing about looking for free candy, and I don’t have kids to walk or drive around looking for candy.  I’m the one on door duty handing out candy and asking kids how their candy haul is coming along, or telling them random “when I was your age” stories about getting pennies and nickels instead of dollars from some neighbors.

Since I started playing Guild Wars, part of my time is also spent looting candy corn from foes and trick or treat bags, and, since last year, mining candy corn nodes and entering Mad King Thorn’s Mad Realm.

A few weeks ago I talked about maxing my necromancer and getting her The Crossing staff permanently.  Those of you who run around Tyria regularly know this staff was introduced last year.  I was so captivated by the design and look of it.  A spider web.  A hand holding a lantern.  Seriously, crossing the River Styx?  This is a literature nerd’s perfect necromancer-playing weapon!  I farmed enough candy corn last year just so I could get two of the time limited weapons for her.

Ten hours of happy Crossing use ensued and I vowed Rooibos would have this staff when she turned 80.  Now, since I spend my limited play time in PvE, getting all of the materials would be a challenge, so I thought I’d just buy it off the Trading Post.  Little did I realize its price would double in a year.  By the time the Blood and Madness patch went live, I was sure there was no way I’d be able to afford this staff.


Halloween 2013

To my happy surprise, not only could I afford it, I could craft it myself!  So Happy Halloween and Happy Level 80, Rooibos Tea!  You’ve come a long way!

Now we have to figure out what to do about your armor because I’m getting slightly tired of it.  But first we have to take out the Toxic Alliance. ~ Sandra

Meanwhile, in Star Corner:

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted!  I think Halloween ate the entire week!  I decided at the last minute to participate in Guild Wars 2’s Halloween festivities so spent hours running around the Mad King’s Labyrinth, fighting glow-in-the-dark skeletons, dancing around as a spider, etc. (See last week’s post.)  Finally, I played Mad King Says to round out the week.

In addition, I dropped by Guild Wars 1 yesterday morning and played a round of the original game with fellow stalwarts.

Admiring the View

Admiring the View

But the highlight of my Halloween week was watching Day [9]’s Halloween stream of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.  I’m not sure if it’s funnier watching him freak out over the game or watching me freak out over him freaking out.  I cannot play scary games, despite being able to watch others play them.  I respect him for going through with the stream despite not wanting to do it.

What’s up next week?  Well, with the time change here in the United States, we all have an extra hour for gaming.  There’s a charity marathon scheduled for tomorrow night, taking advantage of that fact.  What game will you be playing with your extra hour?

Me?  I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month this year.  The quality of my posts may diminish as the word count increases.  ~ Star


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