GW2: Reflections and early thoughts on the warrior

What do you do after a game’s been around for a year?  Do you still play it?  Are you still as excited about it as you were at launch?  A few weeks ago, Guild Wars 2 celebrated it’s first anniversary.  In the run-up, GuildMag asked the community for their thoughts on the game’s first year for their latest blog carnival.  I didn’t share my thoughts at that time, but I have been thinking about how my year in-game played out.

Let me just say I love Guild Wars 2.  Love it.  I’ve toyed with the idea of venturing into other MMOs, but every time I research one, it seems to rehash things I’ve already got in GW2, so I stay where I am.  I probably made a lot of people strangle the air in front of them, but hey, I’ve got to be honest.  To date, I’ve got several alts, my main and only max level being a ranger.


Miko Riel, badass ranger

I’ve got several mid-level characters and a few low-level and newbies as well.  On the whole, I tend to prefer mid- to back-line classes, with ranger, necromancer, and mesmer being my favorites.   I’ve had a lot of fun leveling my characters.  A. Lot.  My main necro is nearly max level now and will be getting The Crossing staff as her reward.  It may only be an Exotic, but I’ve loved it since it came out last Halloween and I got to run around with it after farming candy corn like a fiend.

My newest character, though, will probably feature quite a lot in my posts for a while.  He’s my first GW2 warrior.

Devilled Snare, baby Warrior

Devilled Snare, fighting plant

I haven’t played a warrior since GW1 and let’s just say I didn’t have much fun with her.  She got to max, I even took her into hard mode, but usually the enemies would be finished off by my guildies or heroes before I had a real chance to engage them.  Playing an assassin, aka ninja, resolved this with shadow stepping, but GW2 is a different animal than GW1.

So far, he’s been quite fun though he’s only level 9.  He’s leveled quite quickly so far but I haven’t opened traits yet.  I’m really interested to see how he’ll do because, so far, I’m finding warrior mechanics to be a bit … sluggish compared to other classes.   Now, I like to explore and figure the classes out on my own if I can before turning to the community for help.  This got me into a conundrum last year while I worked to understand how trait lines and trait distribution worked.  (My characters are doing much better now, thanks to the wiki and all the fabulous build guides and sites out there.)  I’m going to try not to let him go wrong quickly though.  I’m a savvier PvE player now so there’s no excuse for that.  That said, I’m wondering if my impressions so far match up with other players’.

What I mean by sluggish is that skills seem to take a smidge longer to fire, and by the time they do, he’s taken a few quick hits from enemies.   This seems to make things quite bad when he’s fighting enemies that are his own level or a level higher (and made a story step I worked on last night almost a nightmare).  So, right now I’m trying to figure out if it’s me, since I’m still trying to find a weapon combo that feels right, while working out how best to engage enemies, or if the mechanics are just off on my machine (low res, gamer on a budget here!), or a combination of all.  If you’ve got any thoughts or advice, I’m all ears!


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