Sunday Mornings

Curse you, Steam.  Yeah, that’s right, Steam.  Here I was, blithely collecting the resources I need to record let’s play videos and stream gameplay, and you go and have a sale.  And not just any sale, oh no.  You’ve got Kerbal Space Program on sale.

Kerbal Space Program, a … quaint game where you build spaceships and try to conquer space. … I think it’s the “Conquer Space” that attracts me to this game, as I always wanted to be an astronaut. 🙂

I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale, and at last it’s here.  But, I also want a video editing program.  I mean, there are free video editors and there are open source video editors.  And I’ve been trying them all, along with the free trial versions of buyable software.

But, the nice thing about Steam Sales, is they have them all the time.  A little bit of patience will save you a lot of money.  The reason I was looking at Steam today though was because I wanted to browse through their Greenlight section.  I can’t help it, I love indie games.  Today, The Fall, caught my eye.  It has a moody atmosphere, puzzles to work through and a mystery to solve.  It looks awesome! (The Fall has a Kickstarter page.)  And now that’s two games I could give money to instead of buying a video editor.


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