Hello and welcome to Virtually Interrupted!  Video games have always been a social experience, from the leader boards of the first arcade games to the millions who play MMORPGs today.  Even a single-player game has the potential to bring people together in a variety of ways.  We’re two friends who met on a book club discussion board, and found our love of story extended to role-playing games, anime, and fiction writing of our own.   In our non-gaming lives, we went on to finish graduate school and get degrees in History and English, using video games to keep us sane.   Now out in the working world, video games still help us de-stress, and our relationship to them continues to evolve.    Which leads us to Viritually Interrupted, an opportunity to connect to the larger gamer social circles around us.

The gaming world is full of interesting people, worlds, and games, and we regularly keep up on news involving the games we love, and those we’re itching to try.  Over the last year, Star has become an enthusiastic Starcraft fan, and follower of speed running communities.  Most recently, livestream gaming and let’s play videos almost completely replaced her television viewing.  San follows community news and reviews and is looking to add her own take on the stories and experiences created for players.

Since we regularly exchange ideas and news with one another, it made sense to us to share our ongoing thoughts and conversations with others as well.  This is our bit of cyberspace and we hope you’ll find our many thoughts intriguing or funny or both.  Here, we plan on sharing our growing experiences in livestreaming, gameplay, reviews, and storytelling as well.  The industry as a business and the games as an art form provide an unique experience, and we hope you’ll join us for the ride.  Please feel free to comment on our posts, we’d love to hear your thoughts too.


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